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Facilitating food ordering and enterainment at Single touch


Fine Dine

As cliché it may sound, but a family that eats together, stays together. We at iBT understand that it is not just food, but the customer experience at your family restaurant. And family restaurants appreciate this, so they redefined the gastronomic dinner to something fun, meaningful and entertaining for the families all around the world. The iViewMenu emerged with innovative features, providing quality, value and excitement to the dining experience
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Self Service & QSR

Technology is taking a toll over human operations with its feet paving faster and more efficiently, taking lesser time, making the need for human work force lesser day by day. Self-service at the restaurants is gaining momentum today, where the patrons give order not to a waiter and wait for the order for hours, but to a sophisticated and stylish machine, which displays electronic menus.


iBusiness Technologies introduced interactive electronic menu
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Coffee House

The frothy goodness of coffee, the lingering aroma of coffee beans, and soft music in the background truly defines the concept of a modern day café. A cafe draws a crowd, and entices people to be as comfortable in public as at home. Today’s coffeehouses largely serve as centers of social interaction for patrons. Our virtual menu makes each such visit to the café an enriched experience with its user-friendly
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Movie Theatres

The Multiplex iViewMenu is one of the top notch ideas that have portrayed a significant degree of technological advancement and innovative minds in the restaurant sector. The advantages of such an interactive menu are all very apparent, the fact is one of the biggest additives that such innovations will add to a restaurant is quality service and increased flexibility of serving the guests. The multiplex digital menu has a lot
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Hotel room becomes a good place for staying when all the facilities are just a touch away. Right from the point when guest checks in till his check-out time, iViewMenu would cater to every single need of the guests in much less time, a quick service with reduced human interaction.

The iViewMenu, aka hotel services at the touch of your finger tip, is a unique offering in the hotel business which
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Waiter Assistance

Waiter assistance might be a query in your mind as and when we claim iViewMenu to be automating all manual practices. However, as understood food-in-the-plate and certain facilities can’t be automated, their presentation can be. iViewMenu tries to reduce human effort to a great deal by placing functionality of calling for waiter assistance by simple pressing “Call Service” button and selecting items (spoons/fork/finger bowl/ waiter service) specific to guests’ requirement.


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Self Check Kiosk

Self Check Kiosks are the points of contact between the companies and their customers which are widely spread all around to engage customer in promoting their services/ products. These kiosks would be adding advantage if they support order placing facility with time stamp and online payment mode.
The iViewMenu gives this add-on advantage over traditional menu cards. Automation of processes while removing chaotic variables like standing in queue during movie
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    "Customers are asking specifically for tables with iVi
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    "The Android iViewMenu has increased our sale of cockta
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    "We can say for sure that our sales has increased by 11
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Download iViewMenu!
At iBusiness Technologies we always insist our clients to play around with the demo version before they buy the software.


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