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Technology is taking a toll over human operations with its feet paving faster and more efficiently, taking lesser time, making the need for human work force lesser day by day. Self-service at the restaurants is gaining momentum today, where the patrons give order not to a waiter and wait for the order for hours, but to a sophisticated and stylish machine, which displays electronic menus.


iBusiness Technologies introduced interactive electronic menu or the iViewMenu, which is unique in its functioning and a high-tech innovation over existing paper menus.



How iViewMenu works at Self-Service Restaurants?


1. Patrons navigate through iViewMenu and order for the required food item(s)
2. Payment is also made through debit/credit cards via iViewMenu itself
3. The order gets directly transferred to the kitchen monitor, where the chef works on it and
4. Order sent is also reflected at the billing counter and the order desk (for manually managing iViewMenu’s operations, as required).


The owners leave aside troubles of editing the paper menus and re-printing them while simply putting a swanky tablet or LCD/LED screens at the restaurant tables, embedded with iViewMenu and various other engrossing applications.


Services Features of iViewMenu both for the owners and patrons:

  • Provides for a quick and convenient ordering mechanism, without long queues or waiting times
  • Provides visuals of all the dishes being served at the restaurant, and hence, allows patrons to make quick and easy choice
  • Provides features such as gaming, music, live TV, world news and much more, to engage the patrons
  • Recommending on social networking websites in addition to great tasting food adds to the restaurant’s brand image
  • Automated billing and payment operations reduced human effort, unnecessary delays, clearly mentioning costs for extra toppings/modifiers and secured payment.



    "Customers are asking specifically for tables with iVi
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    "The Android iViewMenu has increased our sale of cockta
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    "The iPad iViewMenu makes us unique and exclusive."
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    "We can say for sure that our sales has increased by 11
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Download iViewMenu!
At iBusiness Technologies we always insist our clients to play around with the demo version before they buy the software.


brochure & ppt

Download the Power Point presentation of iViewMenu!
Download the Brochure of iViewMenu. Size : 5.14  MB.