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Self Check Kiosk

Self Check Kiosks are the points of contact between the companies and their customers which are widely spread all around to engage customer in promoting their services/ products. These kiosks would be adding advantage if they support order placing facility with time stamp and online payment mode.
The iViewMenu gives this add-on advantage over traditional menu cards. Automation of processes while removing chaotic variables like standing in queue during movie interval, awaiting food items and providing order at nearby seats. The iViewMenu is a comprehensive solution to varied issues that the customers face and it is a way in which the operators can flexibly handle these issues. Whilst providing timely delivery at desired seat in the theatre, payment mode incorporated with iViewMenu smoothens payment avoiding unnecessary hustle during payment. No audience would entertain when attendants perturb them while watching movie, simultaneously making an on-seat delivery of order without fuss. During interval in a movie, many people flock to the popcorn counters making queues, thereby dealing with rising dissatisfaction. However with iViewMenu in place, audience can enter time for their food, pay at the same time reducing the delay which otherwise was there with existing catering in multiplexes and theatres.


  • The presentation of iViewMenu in the form of tablets or touch screens, is a great attraction in itself
  • Removes the long waiting queues which tends to waste a lot of time and requires efforts on the part of patrons
  • Provides opportunity for easy selection powered by visuals of the dishes on display and detailed description
  • Improves the sale and hence revenue because the patrons tend to get attracted to visuals and other applications like games, music, news feeds and more.
  • The iViewMenu provides effective feedback opportunity and hence, the owners can improve upon the shortcomings.
  • Re-enforces the brand value of the company because it presents a strong competitive edge.
  • The iViewMenu is not just a simple application, but a great innovation which embeds the features of future technology while dining, watching movie, attending plays and opera.




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    "The Android iViewMenu has increased our sale of cockta
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    "We can say for sure that our sales has increased by 11
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At iBusiness Technologies we always insist our clients to play around with the demo version before they buy the software.


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