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Facilitating food ordering and enterainment at Single touch


Hotel room becomes a good place for staying when all the facilities are just a touch away. Right from the point when guest checks in till his check-out time, iViewMenu would cater to every single need of the guests in much less time, a quick service with reduced human interaction.

The iViewMenu, aka hotel services at the touch of your finger tip, is a unique offering in the hotel business which places you a mark above your competitors. Under iViewMenu all the services from room service to booking cab are captured and automated. Guest can single handedly place order on his room/suite tablet, ask for room service, laundry service, order food with customized modifiers (as enabled by iViewMenu) at elapsed time, order for cab facility inhibited with the hotel services and much more. Well interacted digital medium of enjoying services while curled up in bed, lures more customers to your hotel. An exquisite feature, recommending your hotel on networking site would be icing on the cake whose outcomes will be the increased revenue in your business.



Innovation is the USP of iViewMenu’s success. Innovation is the virtue that would yield more stays at your hotel, because everyone hates to wait, and iViewMenu has come up with new and innovative solution to get rid of waiting. Customers hate to wait for services; administrators hate to wait for payment.

Exclusivity offered- The iViewMenu way:

  • The iViewMenu displays all the services provided by hotel including room service , room availability and food menu in a well integrated and interactive visual display on tablet. Informative images of all the processes covered in eMenu device helps ordering with ease.
  • Guests can enjoy listening to music, videos, playing games and lot more via iViewMenu, while waiting for deliverables in their suites/rooms
  • All the food items are supported with behind-the-scenes preparation (recipes) to enable the selection of items easy and informative, and serving from the kitchen module comparatively easy.
  • The iViewMenu works as an information kiosk as the guests can avail schedules for their train or flight as well as search for cab services, browse tourists hubs and more.
  • Billing and payment facilities using iViewMenu are very flexible and secured. The IViewMenu undoubtedly is a unique offering for all the hotel owners, where they get an opportunity to serve their guests in a better and improvised manner.



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Download iViewMenu!
At iBusiness Technologies we always insist our clients to play around with the demo version before they buy the software.


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