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As cliché it may sound, but a family that eats together, stays together. We at iBT understand that it is not just food, but the customer experience at your family restaurant. And family restaurants appreciate this, so they redefined the gastronomic dinner to something fun, meaningful and entertaining for the families all around the world. The iViewMenu emerged with innovative features, providing quality, value and excitement to the dining experience for patrons. The iViewMenu is an ideal solution to help serve the entire family and entertain them as we believe that a 1000 words may comprise a commercial for promotion, but 5 words of criticism are enough to spoil the business. Placing the order, playing music and games while waiting for the order and card payment at the touch of fingertip helps in placing order smoothly.



Fun with Family- The iViewMenu way:

  • Caters need from 3 to 38 years old: Be it keeping kids busy with something while you’re placing order or playing game while waiting for the food, iViewMenu takes care of it all.
  • Soothing music: The entire family can enjoy their own selected music piece
  • Increased sale: Meal options and discounts suggested for the entire family, to lure customers bring their friends and families.
  • Healthy Food for Jill: Healthy eating options suggested for kids, as iViewMenu confirms that customers are aware of ingredients of the food ordered along with customized notes and tips for the dish via “Add Note” option with each food item on menu list.
  • Small chit-chat: Chat feature to interact with patrons at other tables
  • Presentation at first look: As people tend to eat with their eyes first, iViewMenu helps to boost revenues & sales through the tantalizing visuals, inducing them to order for more.
  • How iViewMenu adds value: Guests enjoy when there are more details on food they’re to order, giving them clear picture of item details, ingredients, calorie count, preparation time & modifiers suiting taste buds of all sorts.
  • Muse for dailies: Promote weekly/daily special and new arrivals by keeping guests enthused daily.
  • Up-selling favorite food items otherwise ignored, with pop-up featured with discount or combos.


The advent of iViewMenu has helped restaurants with an increase in the revenue and customer loyalty. With such a streamlined and simple-to-use system, it’s no surprise that there are many benefits for the user. The iViewMenu caters to both, food and mood. Ordering the food is quick, easy and stress free, and becomes an integral part of the entertainment experience. There’s also the all important mood – creating an overall atmosphere that is special, different and enjoyable and will encourage customer frequency.



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At iBusiness Technologies we always insist our clients to play around with the demo version before they buy the software.


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