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Coffee House

The frothy goodness of coffee, the lingering aroma of coffee beans, and soft music in the background truly defines the concept of a modern day café. A cafe draws a crowd, and entices people to be as comfortable in public as at home. Today’s coffeehouses largely serve as centers of social interaction for patrons. Our virtual menu makes each such visit to the café an enriched experience with its user-friendly interactive digital features.



We, at iBusiness Technologies, know that every coffee house serves a slightly different group of people. So, our iViewMenu is prepared to cater to coffee lovers in a unique way. An innovative digital concept of iViewMenu has been developed to revolutionize the conventional paper menu concept of ordering.


Twist- in- cup : The iViewMenu way


While waiting for their steaming cups of coffee, customers can play games and listen to their favorite music.


  • iViewMenu entices the senses of the customers as they visualize the menu with quality photos; a full description of each items with its ingredients, calorie count, video of the item being prepared, add on options and so on.
  • Place an order with your just a few clicks at the tip of your fingers.
  • Can call a waiter on demand
  • With a faster turnaround time, efficiency improves and so does revenue and good will for the coffee house in general
  • iViewMenu provides a faster table turnaround time and hence, brings efficiency and more profits to the café.
  • Internet surfing while enjoying your favorite coffee
  • Enjoy favorite television serials, live match on sports channel, etc
  • Itinerary customization feature and attractive visuals, stimulates the customers to order more.
  • Brightly colored interface, fun graphics of your itinerary boost up the overall sales.
  • Snappily request for the billing amount and multiple easy payment options.


The iViewMenu results in quick and well-organized service, guest would not require to get an eye contact for the server to place order and as well as ask for the bill. Moreover, iViewMenu eliminates the need of human intervention and ordering errors. Use of iViewMenu in your coffeehouses lets you stay at the forefront of others in offering timely, accurate and efficient ordering process.






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Download iViewMenu!
At iBusiness Technologies we always insist our clients to play around with the demo version before they buy the software.


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