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Facilitating food ordering and enterainment at Single touch


touch One Touch Order

Touch screen ordering, Once the order list is finalized, order is sent to billing desk & kitchen unit, thus eliminating any intermediate delay. Just click on the order button and it is done!

modifier Item Modifiers

Guest can customize their dishes themselves by selecting various options from the modifiers available or by adding custom cooking instructions.

call Call Service

Guest can request for various services like, call the steward, or can request for other services like water, spoon, napkin etc on a click.

game Games & Leisure

iViewMenu offers wide range of games and leisure contents like general knowledge, funny photos, astrology, videos, health tips, visual jokes & much more to keep you engaged while you wait for your meal.

upselling Upselling

While the guests are browsing the food items, iViewMenu analyses the patterns & suggest food items as per their choices. This not only helps them to order quickly, but also helps restaurants to collect additional revenue by pushing up sales.

greetings Greetings

Greetings service allows the management unit to send greetings for birthday, anniversary, festivals etc to a selected guest table or to all the guests.

feed Feedback

This option is very valuable for the owner as it allows the guest to give feedback about their experience at the restaurant, feedback about food, services etc. This can be very useful to fine tune the areas where the restaurant is lacking and to promote its strong points.

ad Ad Support

iViewMenu allows the restaurant owner a source of additional revenue by displaying audio-video ads to guests while they are browsing. You can also use the same to promote your new variety or your must try dishes.

juke Juke Box

iViewMenu has a centralized jukebox where guests can select & play their favorite music. Guests can browse music numbers & add the same into the central queue to be played one by one.

lang Multi Language Support

iViewMenu gives the option to choose from various national & international languages to appeal to the taste of a particular territory.

portable Portable across Hardware

iViewMenu is portable with a wide range of hardware devices like ipad, Samsung, blackberry etc.

wireless Wireless Connectivity

The wireless connectivity enables all the tablets to be connected with Wi-Fi there by giving a hassle free connectivity.



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brochure & ppt

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